Spontaneous Affinity: Year 2 Zine (plus compilation)

from Spontaneous Affinity

The second volume of the Spontaneous Affinity zine includes all of the monthly artist interviews from year two, plus zine-exclusive writing on the theme, WHEN THE RAVE IS NOT ENOUGH. Every zine shipment includes a download code for two-part, 19-track compilation "SPNT001: For The Rave / When The Rave Is Not Enough", releasing February 1, 2020.

Contributed writing from: Alicia Greco, Eugenia Puglisi, Joe Mygan, Meredith Minister, qoqo c.q.m. weber, Rishy Kashyap, Taylor Bratches, Tim Froehlich

Interviews with: Matt Mcneill (Boston), Kudeki (San Francisco), Furtive (Washington, D.C.), ADAB (Pittsburgh), Ghorba (Los Angeles), Kenya Kanazawa (Brooklyn), Aos (Seattle), Lunamariposa (Boston), A.M.D (Brooklyn), ilind (Denver), Cay Horiuchi (Portland, OR), Dave Marroquin (Ann Arbor - zine only)

Listen to the Year Two accompanying mixes here:

All proceeds from this zine and the accompanying compilation will go to Critical Resistance, an organization that provides crucial resources on transformative justice and seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe.

"At its darkest, the rave community can begin to resemble the carceral state. People with harmful addictions are villainized and left to fend for themselves, banned from or shunned within the communities they once turned to as a source of joy and feeling of camaraderie. People involved in multilateral conflicts repurpose the language of (social) justice and safety to create stark victim-abuser dualities and “cancel” people over infractions that could have been solved through creative community-driven interventions. Highly visible, decisive actions mitigate risk, but at what cost? Decisions begin to be made based on metrics, profits, ego—in much the same way as we see in the greater world—under the guise of “community.”

If this is not a utopian vision, then what is it?

I hope that this project can serve as a collection of perspectives that, at the very least, helps us build empathy and develop a shared understanding of tools and frameworks that others use to stay afloat in our work trying to serve everyone who is willing to acquiesce to the dancefloor and carry some of its residue back."

Edition of 200.

Includes unlimited streaming of SPNT001: For The Rave / When The Rave Is Not Enough via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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