Spontaneous Affinity: Year 1 Zine

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After a year of interviews with some of my favorite artists about how they've been shaped by the dancefloors they occupy, I'm extremely excited to compile this little library of music and memory into a zine!

When I post each episode of SA online, it often feels like the mix takes center stage. This series was always meant to be about the interviews first and foremost, so this print zine is a way of archiving them in a manner that may lend to more focused reading.

Listen to the Year One accompanying mixes here:

Thanks so much to all of the artists who participated for year 1 and put so much time and thought into their contributions:

001. IVVY (Seattle)
002. AARON J (Boston)
003. HUNTER LOMBARD (New York)
004. ISABELLA (Boston)
005. NACHTREIM (Boston)
006. KOHL (New York)
007. WONJA (Oakland)
008. ALI BERGER (Detroit)
009. SUSANNA BOLLE (Boston)
010. ANURAAG (Melbourne)
011. BLEID (Lisbon)
012. BEYUN (Atlanta)

Zine also features two beautiful visual spreads from slimebubble.
Special thanks to Nathaniel Young (aka SA 006: Kohl) for helping me get this print-ready.

Email alyce@spontaneous.zone if you have any questions!

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